Raysa Dutra

Software and Computer Engineer Student.

Photo from Raysa Dutra.

About Me

I'm Software and Computer Engineer Student at INFNET and eternally in love for technology. I spend my time learning new languages and focusing on improve my knowledge.

I had two kind of experiences in my interships. My first intership it was focused in Support Users, I learned a lot about how attend people, infrastructure and management in techonology at the company Kongsberg, but in my second intership it was focused in Programming, I learned about good pratices, work team, scrum, tsuru and anothers tools and of course languages like golang and python at the company StoneCo.

Creator of the EventsCon project, Co-Founder of JSLadies and President of Mozilla Campus Club INFNET, I'm also, organizer of Women Techmakers RJ, LinuxChix RJ, PythOnRio, Women Who Go RJ. I not only organize, I participate and help any community that need any help, because, I believe in the Open Source Philosophy.

My hobbies it's playing Tree of Savior and Dance, also, I truly love Astrophysics and everything about the universe and my beloved Dog Jorge.


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